Training Resources


Building Envelope Diagnostic Testing

Watch this video to understand insulation density verification and testing, SPF thickness, house envelope and air leakage diagnostic testing.

The Basics of Building Science

Watch this video to understand thermodynamics, heat flow, thermal and pressure boundaries, heat loss over time and the concept of the house as a system.

High Performance Attics and Walls

Watch to learn about energy efficiency policy including California’s Title 24, HPA/HPW requirements, relationship between HPA/HPW and Quality Insulation Installation (QII), installation cost considerations, impacts of 2019 Title 24 codes and WISE installer training.

Quality Insulation Installation (QII)

Insulation works only if it is installed correctly. Watch this video to understand the principals and practical application of quality insulation installation.

Learn more about QII Procedures through this training document.

Spanish Videos

Áticos y paredes de alto rendimiento

Vea para aprender acerca de la política de eficiencia energética incluyendo el Título 24 de California, requisitos de HPA/HPW, relación entre HPA/HPW y la instalación de aislamiento de calidad (QII), consideraciones de costo de instalación, impactos de 2019 códigos de Título 24 y WISE instalador Entrenamiento.

Instalación de aislamiento de calidad (QII)

El aislamiento funciona sólo si se instala correctamente. Vea este video para entender los principios y la aplicación práctica de la instalación de aislamiento de calidad.

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